The Federation of All Saints and St. Margaret's Catholic Voluntary Academy

The Federation of All Saints and
St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Class 1 - Ms Ingham (St Margaret's)

CMAT pupil day

Year 5 represented the Federation at the first CMAT pupil day. Pupils from all the schools in the CMAT went to Pride Park in Derby where they took part in a Q+A with Bishop Patrick, had an input from our charity Bluebell Wood and took part in some workshops. The day ended with a celebration Mass. Our children did us proud.

Working together.

Year 6 children worked with Class 1 at St. Margaret’s to complete an art project for display in the hall. Can’t wait to see the finished artwork.

Visit to St. Mary’s at Marple Bridge

We took the St. Ralph Sherwin wheel to St. Mary’s at Marple Bridge this afternoon to continue it’s journey around the CMAT. We received a very warm welcome from the children who had prepared a lovely liturgy. Our pupils spoke well and did us proud.

Cheerfest 2019

Some of our children went to the New Mill art theatre today to take part in Cheerfest 2019. We had two teams and they were both fantastic and did the Federation proud.

Four of the children won VIP tickets to watch the show from the Royal Box and eat lots of goodies.

Thanks to Mrs Deering and Mrs Parker for preparing the routine and taking the children.


St. Ralph Sherwin Wheel

Today Mrs Quirke and 2 pupils from St. Charles brought the St. Ralph Sherwin Wheel to All Saints for the next part of its journey. We had a lovely assembly and it was great to take part with another school in our CMAT.

More Easter egg hunt photos

Easter egg hunt Class 1 and 3

Class 1 and 3 got together today to take part in a Easter egg hunt on the field. They did so good there were none left for the teachers!!

Chaplaincy team surprise

Our Chaplaincy team leader surprised the Chaplaincy team this lunchtime with Easter Eggs for all their hard work.  Thank you Mrs King for everything you do.

Canon Hall Farm visit

Despite the cold weather, both Class 1’s went on a visit to Canon Hall Farm today as part of their topic.  When we arrived we met some meerkats.

Then we went and had a look at the Farrowing barns where we saw new born piglets with their Mums, each sow can have up to 14 piglets.  We then went into another barn where piglets that were older were, they were very sleepy!!!  We then saw some rare breeds including Ted who is a new born Highland cow.

Then it was time for lunch but we got to stroke peanuts the guinea pig first . 

After lunch we went on a tractor ride and then we were so lucky to see a lamb being born.



Then it was time for the sheep race and home on the coach.  It was a lovely day and the children were exceptional.