The Federation of All Saints and St. Margaret's Catholic Voluntary Academy

The Federation of All Saints and
St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Class 1 - Mrs Manson (St. Margaret's)


In class one we have made our own Christingle

Busy afternoon in the snow

Class one had a busy afternoon in the snow. We have been looking at how the weather changes over the seasons and how humans and animals adapt their behaviour. It was a perfect day to think about winter! We used the ice from our playground to make an ice sculpture.  In maths we have been looking at symmetry, we drew symmetrical patterns in the snow. We also collected greenery to make our class advent wreath.  It was great fun!


Look at the children in Class One find leaves that are brun, jaune or rouge.  They listened to,  joined in with and danced to a beautiful Autumn song in French called ‘Regarde les feuilles’ or  ‘Look at the leaves’.  We were dancing, that’s why the photo is so blurry!

NASA Space food

We tried NASA space food today. We enjoyed Space ice cream

The Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland

The Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland is celebrated every year on the 16th November.  Class 1 and 2 had a lovely day working together to learn about and celebrate our school’s patron saint. We had shortbread and juice together at snack time and then we made stained glass windows and a big drawing of Saint Margaret.  On the display we made you can also see the thistles we made, which are the national emblem of Scotland.
The children agreed that Saint Margaret was a very special lady who made God very happy by remembering to pray, by building churches but most of for all that she did to help the poor.  We thought about ways in which we could try to be like Saint Margaret.


Reception have been celebrating Diwali this week. We began by joining with hundreds of schools around the country on a scholastic story event. The author of the ‘Best Diwali Ever’ read her book and  the illustrator taught us how to draw rangoli patterns. We have created our own sand rangoli pattern and made some lovely Diwali sweets during out Tuesday cookery session .

Forest Schools

We had a wonderful afternoon at Forest Schools.

Gingerbread bears

Class 1 have been cooking again! This time they made Gingerbread bears.

Road Safety

The children enjoyed acting out the ‘stop look and listen’ road safety message when the Road Safety Officer came to school. We heard about safe places to cross the road, walking, not running and listening and looking while we cross .