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The Federation of All Saints and
St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Class 2 - Mrs Deering (St. Margaret's)

Feast day of St. Margaret’s

Today is the Feast Day of St. Margaret’s and Father Don held a virtual Mass with us. It was lovely to see him and celebrate with him


Those bones

‘Class 2 have been working out why calcium is important for our bones. In an experiment, we used vinegar to soak the bones and remove the cacium. The children were fascinated when the bones were removed and were very bendy. They all said they’ll be drinking more milk to make sure their bones are super strong’

Keep going

There are some high numbers coming in from the staff at St. Margaret’s as they walk towards their 400,000 target for Breast cancer.  So proud of them all.

Thank you children

The children at St. Margaret’s are supporting the staff, who are raising money for Breast cancer, by doing the daily mile every day.

Thank you your support for your staff is great to see.

Come rain or shine

Whether it’s raining

Or the sun is shining


Our staff at St. Margaret’s are out building up their steps towards the 400,000 target for Breast cancer now.

Well done everyone, keep it up.

Congratulations Mrs Jackson

We had a very special ‘well done’ award to present in the Good News assembly this morning.  The award went to Mrs Jackson one of our TA’s who has been with us for 20 years.

Thank you for all your hard work Mrs Jackson.  One of the children presented her with a lovely bouquet.