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Class 2 - Mrs Deering (St. Margaret's)

Mmm pizza!!

One of our younger pupils enjoyed making pizza and Easter gingerbread eggs with Mrs Robinson and Miss Hammersley. They look delicious.

Rainbows in school

The children who are in school have been busy making these lovely decorations for our windows to support our key workers. Well done everyone they look fantastic.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Mrs Robinson ran Club Doodle today which focuses on mindfulness and wellbeing, and there was plenty of children attending. Thank you Mrs Robinson.

Singing at Oakford Manor

Our choir have been singing at Oakford Manor this week. They sang beautifully and the residents enjoyed themselves and speaking to the children after. Well done everyone.


Wow,  well done to all the children for their wonderful Christmas plays. They sang beautifully and every word could be heard. You should all be very proud.

Around the World in 80 Days!!

After our busy morning it was time for our great adventure.  We were going around the World in 80 days (Courtesy of Chatsworth House Christmas Decorations). We entered the building and began our journey.

We were able to visit lots of different countries including, Venice China, India, Spain, The Netherlands, Japan, Nordic Countries, Canada and many more.

On our journey we met Phileas Fogg and Marco Polo. We also saw the Northern Lights.

The decorations were beautiful, and at the end of our journey we had to sit down and rest!!

Morning at Chatsworth.

Yesterday Class 2 went to Chatsworth House for the day. When we arrived we were greeted by some deer.

In the morning we started off at the Farm, where we saw some horses, pigs and donkeys. Some of us had a go on a tractor as well!!

We had lunch in one of the barns and some furry friends came to eat with us.

After lunch we went up the secret tunnel to the playground where we had time on the play equipment before going to the main house.

Then it was time for our big adventure………………………………………..

Letters to Santa

Class 2 have written letters to Santa and today some of them posted them. Hope they get a reply!!!