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Class 4 - Mr Steane

Good news assembly

Fantastic good news assembly today with all our classes together (virtually) as well as guests from the governors. Lovely to see and hear how well the children have settled. Lots of well done vouchers for a variety of things – poetry, maths and RE to role model and behaviour. Well done to our stars of the week and special congratulations to those collecting reading badges.

Fundraising in Y6

The y6 children have begun their fundraising. This week, it was for Macmillan cancer support. They have also said that they want to support local causes. Well done, a lovely start.   Mr Steane

Virtual assembly

We had our first virtual assembly of the school year this morning.  It was great to see both school together. We were also joined by our Vice Chair. The children discussed how they can still be involved in the wider community whilst sticking to current guidelines, lots of great ideas from the children.


Welcome back!!

It was fantastic to see all the children back in school this morning, lots of happy smiling faces. Thank you to our parents for following our new guidelines, everything ran very smoothly. The children have all settled well.

Rappin’ Ryan and Professor Bobby…

Thursday 4th June…

Bobby’s Lava Lamp experiment and Rappin’ Ryan…I wish I could hear it!!!

Always a treat to see what you are up to in lockdown!

Ryan produced a rap including his mum as part of this week’s online work. Always great to see your work Ryan and get your thinking cap on for the leavers’ assembly!


Bobby made a lava lamp as part of his work on different densities of liquids.

Watch the video clip below. How did he do that?  Can you explain how? There’s a challenge!


Time to think about leavers’ assembly etc…

The final half-term for my 6’s ….leavers preparations…

Hi everyone! I do miss you all. Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying this wonderful sunshine. I don’t know how long it is going to stay with us, so make the best of it.

Well, Y6, I can’t believe that your final few weeks with us are here – this is the final half term. Although it is not as we expected it to be, we can still make it special. I still want to do a leavers’ assembly-  so I need your ideas as to what or how we could do it in a safe way. Also, perhaps some sort of leavers book?  Send me any ideas so I can get working on it. Time is short.

I’ll see you all very soon and let’s make the best of the last few weeks.

Mr Steane


Ryan’s work

Ryan’s Work Gallery…

Thanks for sending these in –  love the Welsh dragon illustration. It is so good to see that you are keeping your brain ticking over. Your favourite food list is VERY similar to mine!  Take care Ryan and send me more!

Ruby gives advice to stay safe in the lockdown and Charlie has his first test flight!

Ruby’s advice on staying safe!

“Saving Water.
97.5% of water is in seas and oceans, but it’s too salty for humans.
The remaining 2.5% is in the ice caps. We need the tiny bit useable as fresh water (a natural resource for life).
What Should We Do?
Turn off taps; when you brush your teeth, dont keep the tap running!
Boil what you need;
Shower with less; next time you shower turn the water off while you put washing products on.
Get a low-flush toilet;
Steam your veggies;
Reduce food waste and reuse;
Catch rain water;
No more washing up; fill up your dishwasher.
Be plumbing prepared!”

Thanks Ruby!  Keep the work pics coming. Stay safe and hope to see you soon!    Mr Steane


Charlie attempts to fly…

Charlie has been busy inventing and making at home. Not cute animals this time, but testing a flugtag!

Following on from the homework set about a flugtag, Charlie decided to try making his own.
It didn’t make him fly like he first thought it would but he had great fun making and trialling it. Excellent work Charlie! Can’t wait to see what you get upto next. Stay safe and I hope to see you soon.Mr Steane

Video Game Review