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St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Class 4 - Mr Steane


After a busy morning it was time to perform our Nativity. The hall was full, the lights dimmed and the children’s voices rang out. What a lovely afternoon, the performance was stunning, so proud of you all. Well done to the children and thank you to the staff for all your hard work

Christmas Lunch

After the visit from Father Christmas all the children enjoyed lunch together.

Special visitor to school

We had a very special  visitor to school this morning, Father Christmas.  He took time out of his busy schedule to visit the children and brings them all a little gift.  The children were so pleased to see him, thank you Father Christmas for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and see us.

Dick Whittington

All the children went to see Dick Whittington at Buxton Opera House yesterday. They had a brilliant time and enjoyed the performance, it was great to see all our children together having fun. Two of our younger pupils even got chance to take part on the stage with Dick Whittington, what an experience.

Choir at Oakford Manor

The choir visited Oakford Manor today to sing to the residents. They started in the lounge, then went to the rooms of those residents unable to get to the lounge so no one missed out. The residents loved it and some even had tears of joy. So proud of our choir.

Our choir entertain again.

Our choir went to sing for the local OAP’s at their Christmas lunch at the Queens Public House in Old Glossop. Father Christmas also paid a visit which was great.  The choir were (as usual) amazing, and one of the audience commented “How do you get them to sing so beautifully?”  I hope someone told them it was down to Mr Steane’s hard work – thank you Mr, Steane.

Choir at Corn Mill House

Our choir went to Corn Mill House this week to sing for the residents.  The residents absolutely loved it and were hugging the children afterwards and said the singing was “simply outstanding”. After singing the children spent time talking to the residents, which they really enjoyed.

Gamesley Christmas Market

Thank you to the children, staff and parents who attended the Christmas Market in Gamesley tonight, the choir sounded great.

Gamesley Festive Market