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Class 4 - Mr Steane

Feast day of St. Margaret’s

Today is the Feast Day of St. Margaret’s and Father Don held a virtual Mass with us. It was lovely to see him and celebrate with him


Black history month

Class 4 looked at Slavery during Black history month because of all the recent news events regarding statues being destroyed.  They looked at the life of Harriet Tubman who was an abolitionist and also modern day Black role models.  The children have been completely absorbed in the work and learnt a lot about the slave trade and it has developed the children’s awareness of Black history.  They have completed some fantastic work as you can see from the below picture.  Well done everyone!!

Pyjama Day

Class 4 wore pyjamas to school yesterday to raise money for Reubens Retreat a local charity. They had to pay a ‘fine’ to wear them and raised about £30.00.

Well done everyone.

Congratulations Mrs Jackson

We had a very special ‘well done’ award to present in the Good News assembly this morning.  The award went to Mrs Jackson one of our TA’s who has been with us for 20 years.

Thank you for all your hard work Mrs Jackson.  One of the children presented her with a lovely bouquet.

Good news assembly

Fantastic good news assembly today with all our classes together (virtually) as well as guests from the governors. Lovely to see and hear how well the children have settled. Lots of well done vouchers for a variety of things – poetry, maths and RE to role model and behaviour. Well done to our stars of the week and special congratulations to those collecting reading badges.

Fundraising in Y6

The y6 children have begun their fundraising. This week, it was for Macmillan cancer support. They have also said that they want to support local causes. Well done, a lovely start.   Mr Steane

Virtual assembly

We had our first virtual assembly of the school year this morning.  It was great to see both school together. We were also joined by our Vice Chair. The children discussed how they can still be involved in the wider community whilst sticking to current guidelines, lots of great ideas from the children.


Welcome back!!

It was fantastic to see all the children back in school this morning, lots of happy smiling faces. Thank you to our parents for following our new guidelines, everything ran very smoothly. The children have all settled well.

Rappin’ Ryan and Professor Bobby…

Thursday 4th June…

Bobby’s Lava Lamp experiment and Rappin’ Ryan…I wish I could hear it!!!

Always a treat to see what you are up to in lockdown!

Ryan produced a rap including his mum as part of this week’s online work. Always great to see your work Ryan and get your thinking cap on for the leavers’ assembly!


Bobby made a lava lamp as part of his work on different densities of liquids.

Watch the video clip below. How did he do that?  Can you explain how? There’s a challenge!


Time to think about leavers’ assembly etc…

The final half-term for my 6’s ….leavers preparations…

Hi everyone! I do miss you all. Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying this wonderful sunshine. I don’t know how long it is going to stay with us, so make the best of it.

Well, Y6, I can’t believe that your final few weeks with us are here – this is the final half term. Although it is not as we expected it to be, we can still make it special. I still want to do a leavers’ assembly-  so I need your ideas as to what or how we could do it in a safe way. Also, perhaps some sort of leavers book?  Send me any ideas so I can get working on it. Time is short.

I’ll see you all very soon and let’s make the best of the last few weeks.

Mr Steane