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Class 4 - Mr Steane

Millie Gets Creative!

29th April  ….Millie Gets Creative

It is great to see that Millie is keeping her creative talents going at home! She has been giving piano lessons to her gran and they hope to duet soon!  I miss Millie’s lunchtime renditions at the piano – “music to eat food by”.

She has also been working on her artistic skills with this fabulous piece. Keep it up Millie ~ I want to see more and I await Ruby’s creations!

Mmm pizza!!

One of our younger pupils enjoyed making pizza and Easter gingerbread eggs with Mrs Robinson and Miss Hammersley. They look delicious.

Rainbows in school

The children who are in school have been busy making these lovely decorations for our windows to support our key workers. Well done everyone they look fantastic.

A Night at the Theatre

Mr. Steane took his class to the theatre on Friday night. They enjoyed a wonderful performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

After the performance the class took to the stage themselves.

Science Week

This years theme is diversity in nature. In Class 4 we took the idea of camouflage and part of the session was to create camouaflaged butterflies around the classroom that would be invisible to predators. Look carefully at the pictures and see if you can find them!!

There are two here.

Creating camouflaged butterflies.

Busy at work creating camouflaged butterflies.