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Year 4

Week commencing Monday 11th January 2021

Hellp everyone. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It has been great seeing you all on Teams. Please join me again this week at 10:00 am and remember to join on the  ‘Daily Catch up’ link. It is very important to continue with your reading. If you have a Derbyshire library card, you can register to borrow ebooks online here:
You are welcome to read any books you have at home too.

Below is the work for this week. I continue to miss you all so take care and stay safe. Mrs R.

Ethan and Jordan have worked together to create their London Timeline.


Y4 Monday maths

Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio – Day 1

Year 4 Literacy 

Topic Task Time Line Cut-OutsTime Line – Empty

Topic answers: Time Line – Answers


Y4 Tuesday maths



Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio – Day 2

Year 4 Literacy 

RE task


Y4 Wednesday maths

Year 4 Literacy 

Lesson Presentation Good Vibrations

Science Activity Sheet Sound Mind Map Sound Survey Good Vibrations Sound Game


Y4 Thursday maths

Year 4 Literacy 

Art task


Y4 Friday maths

Year 4 Literacy 

Well being



Wednesday 6th January 2020

I hope you are all doing okay. I am missing you all very much and it is strange not having you with me in the classroom. However, we must all make the most of a bad situation and stay positive. Please take care and stay safe.


London – Questions
Powerpoint – Adverbials 1

Year 4 Day 1_RM

Powerpoint – Noun Phrases 1

Powerpoint – Noun Phrases 2



Year 4 Day 2_RM

Year 4 Day 3_RM

integers-t1-l2-2 y4 thurs




Year 4 Day 3_RM

counting-squares-l2-5 y4 fri


Monday 13th July

Hello everyone. This is the last time I will be putting work on for this term. I am going to put on Numeracy revision, literacy and topic. I have also put a video on the ‘New Classes for September’ link. Please make sure you watch it. Please continue to read. It may take some time, but we will honour our reading promise. We will issue you with a star for each occasion that you have read-total them up and give you the appropriate number of counters.

I would just like to wish you all a lovely summer holiday. I am in the process of getting the classroom ready for next year and I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back-as a big grown up year 5! Please continue to stay safe and take care. Best wishes to you and your parents. Mrs Robinson.

Literacy Year 4

Numeracy revision Y4

Topic advice year 4 and 5


Monday 6th July

I have had a parent requesting the literacy for this week. Please see my message below and make a decision as to what you feel you need to complete this week. It will be your choice. Stay safe.

Literacy Year 4

Week commencing 6th July

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I can imagine that the weather has made you feel a little bit miserable. Keep your chin up! I did speak to many parents last week and they all told me that a lot of you are finding the literacy a little bit tedious. So, I am not going to upload any literacy for the next two weeks. The topic has opportunities for writing within it, so please select what you can from the topic-activities that you personally like- and enjoy. Similarly, the RE has plenty of opportunities for writing. Stay safe. Mrs Robinson

Miss H Word in a Word

Maths video 1

Maths video 2

Maths video 3

Maths video 4

Whiterose link

Lesson 1 – Lines of symmetry

Lesson 2 – Complete a symmetric figure

Lesson 3 – Describe position

Lesson 4 – Draw on a grid

Topic advice year 4 and 5


RE part 2

RE part 2


Tuesday 30th June

Thank you Joseph for the lovely e mail I received from you. Joseph has drawn a picture pf a dinosaur and written a poem. Keep up the good work! Mrs Robinson

Week commencing 29th June

Hello everyone. I can’t believe another week has passed. Please look at the link below from Emma (Friday 26th June) and have a go at playing your instruments and learning the can can. Below is this week’s work. I hope you get creative with the topic work. Please send pictures of written work, Art or DT to I love to see what you have been doing. Take care and stay safe. Mrs R.

Miss H Word in a Word

Literacy Year 4

Maths video 1

Maths video 2

Maths video 3

Maths video 4

Whiterose link

Lesson 1 – Identify angles

Lesson 2 – Compare and order angles

Lesson 3 – Triangles

Lesson 4 – Quadrilaterals

Topic for year 4 and 5 29th June


RE -ppt



Friday 26th June

Some news from Emma:….

Here are my final two videos for the Wider Opportunities violin, viola and cello learners in Y4 and Y5.

I thought it would be nice to end with a real party piece as this would have been our final concert week and trip to the Halle. So here are two instruction videos where the children can learn to play The Can-Can!

Video 1 How to sing the can can

Video 2 How to play the can can

Professional backing track

It sounds brilliant once you’ve learnt the piece and can play along.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your support over the past academic year. It has been a real delight to work with you and your children and to get to know the school.

I really hope the children have enjoyed learning and have enjoyed the video lessons over lockdown – I can that they have been viewed and some of the pieces have been really popular!

Week commencing 22nd June

Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and I hope that you are able to celebrate Father’s Day with your families. Below is the work for this week. I will continue to upload a daily video for you. I hope you are enjoying Miss Hammersley’s word in a word. Miss you all lots. Mrs R

Miss H Word in a Word

Literacy Year 4

Maths Year 4

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Lesson 1 – Interpret charts

Lesson 2 – Comparison sum and difference

Lesson 3 – Introducing line graphs

Lesson 4 – Line graphs

Topic advice Year 4 and 5



Thursday 18th June

I had a lovely e mail today from Joseph. He has been enjoying his topic work this week and sent a fabulous picture of a neatly drawn and labelled volcano. Thank you Joseph. Keep up the hard work! Mrs R

Joseph's Volcano

Week commencing 15th June

Hello everyone. I hope that, despite the change in the weather, you have found opportunities to go outside and get lots of fresh air. Below is your work and the videos for this week. Please continue to stay safe and take care. I miss seeing you all very much. Mrs R.

Literacy Year 4

Word in a word

Pounds and Pence Video 1

Ordering Money Video 2

Estimating Money Video 3

Four Operations Video 4

Maths Year 4

Lesson 1- Pounds and pence

Lesson 2- Ordering money

Lesson 3- Estimating money

Lesson 4- Four operations

Topic advice for 15th June



Friday 12th June
I had a lovely surprise today from Daisy’s mum. She sent me lots of pictures of work that Daisy has completed and also a fabulous video of Daisy singing a ‘Food chain’ Song. I think someone should ring Simon Cowell because Daisy definitely has the X Factor. Keep up the good work Daisy. Mrs R x

Daisy’s Food Chain song

Thursday 11th June
Emma has sent a new link for you to use as practice with your violin. Enjoy! Mrs R x

Violin info from Emma

Wednesday 10th June

I received a fabulous poem today from Joseph and I wanted to share it with you. Joseph obviously loves chips and the simile he used ‘chips are like friends’ tells us that he must love them very much!!! Thank you Joseph for sharing. Mrs R x

Week commencing 8th June.

Hello there children. I hope you are still keeping safe and well. I enjoyed speaking to most of you last week and having a catch up. I have attached some videos for you this week and I hope they are useful. Please continue to send in photos of what you have been up to to:

Literacy video
Maths video 1
Maths video 2
Maths video 3
Maths video 4

Literacy Year 4

Maths Year 4




Topic advice 8th June 2020

FOOD_CHAINS for 8th June

Friday 5th June

Thank you to Mr Hartle and Mrs Walster for sending in pictures to show us all what Roisin and Heather have been up to. Roisin-your poem is wonderful and Fern-well done for erupting Mount Vesuvius.

Lockdown 2020 Roisin. Please click to see!!!!!!

Week commencing 1st June

Welcome back everyone. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful half-term. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine but continuing to stay safe. Below is the work for this week. Best wishes, Mrs R x.


Maths 1st June Year 4





Topic advice 1st June 2020

YPTERAINFORESTS 1st june 4 and 5

Tuesday 19th May

Thank you so much Miss Graley for sending in pictures of Lego models of school, that Joseph has made. The first photo is the outside of All Saints School with the cross on the front. The second photo is the inside showing Mrs Beaumont’s office and the new wall. We are very proud of you Joseph. Mrs R x

Monday 18th May
I had a lovely surprise from Daisy today. After speaking to her on the phone, she promised to send me some pictures of the Easter garden that she made. Oh my! They were so worth the wait. Daisy, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It is truly wonderful. Thank you firstly for creating it and secondly for sharing it with us all. We are very proud of you. Mrs Robinson x

Music links from Emma. I hope you enjoy this. Mrs R.

Composition Activity Instructions

ref=””>Cowboy Chorus

Pease Pudding

Week commencing 18th May
Here is the work for the week leading up to half term. I will not be setting any work for over the half term break; so please spend your time with your family, enjoy their company and take care. I am missing you all very much and want nothing more than for you to stay safe. Remember to e mail pictures of work, art, or anything you get up to. Mrs Robinson.

Literacy Y4_Week_7

Maths Powerpoints



Topic 18.05.20YPTE_Learning_pack_ENERGY___POWER.originalRE SHEET FOR 18 MAY

14th May
A big thank you to Finn for sending me a picture of a wonderful acrostic poem he has written, called Bluebells. I am ‘well’ impressed, as you children say, at the use of the word ‘utterly.’ Well done young man.

12th May

Franek is the first to send in a picture! Well done Franek and thank you for keeping your promise. I can see you are enjoying being creative with your Lego. Miss you and hope you are staying safe. Mrs R.

Monday 11th May

Hi everyone!  Sadly the link to the maths below will not work anymore, so I have uploaded the worksheets for you.  You can access them here:

Lesson 1 Correspondence problems 2019

Lesson 2 Perimeter of a rectangle 2019

Lesson 3 Perimeter of rectilinear shapes 2019

Lesson 4 Counting squares 2019

You can still watch the videos on the White Rose Website.

Any questions, just let us know.

Week commencing 11th May

Below are this weeks Maths and Literacy work for this week. As before, if you cannot print off the work at home or complete this on a computer, please contact the school or email myself. We will print off the packs and leave them in St Margaret’s Reception area.

We would also really like to see any work or projects you have completed, so you can send photos or a message to your teacher’s email.  The addresses can be found below.

We really hope you are keeping safe and well and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend,

Mrs Robinson.

Literacy Year 4

Maths Year 4

Topic 11.05.20
Transformation LF4 RE

Week Commencing 4th May

Below are this week’s Maths and Literacy work for this week.  As before, if you cannot print off the work at home or complete the work on a computer, please contact the school.  We will print off the packs and leave them in Saint Margaret’s Reception area.

We would also really like to see any work or projects you have completed, so you can send photos or a message to your teacher’s email.  The addresses can be found below.

Take care and we hope to see you all again soon.

Literacy year 4

Maths year 4


Topic A










29th April
More information from Emma.
TTRS Username Labels (2)


Fionn made his own movie today. Brilliant!

27th April This week’s picture news. Enjoy. Mrs R x

British Values – 27th April

Picture News at Home – 27th April

Picture News Paper – 27th April

Picture News Special Resource – Captain Tom Moore 2020 – Copy

Resource 1 – 27th April

Resource 2 – 27th April

Week Commencing 27th April
Below are Maths, Literacy and Topic work for this week. If you can’t print off or work from it from a computer, please contact school. We can print packs off and these will be available to pick up from St Margaret’s Reception area on Wednesday.
Please send any messages you have or pictures of what you have been doing to the staff e-mails. These can be found on this page.
I hope you are all well. Keep safe.
G Beaumont





Year 3 and 4 Topic Work


Fun places to visit online

I have had information from Jodrell Bank to say that they have lots of fun things to do at home available on their website, from stargazing to home projects about space, there’s lots to investigate and learn.  Visit their website

There is also a website that is run by the Premier League that has many different challenges and competitions.  They have English and maths activities to do at home, but also things to help you stay active. It looks quite fun so go and  take a look at their website:,14BDI,52XN45,3XRDI,1


20th April
Here’s the link for Brain Gym. We hope you enjoyed it.

It would be lovely to see what you are getting up to whilst at home. If you would like to share anything with our school community on the website, Twitter or Facebook , please email class teachers with pictures. The contact details for teachers are as follows:
Miss Bamford (All Reception/Y1 children)-
Mrs Deering (All Y2/3 children)-
Mrs Robinson-
Mr Steane-
Mrs Beaumont-

Picture News

Hi guys. Here is the Picture News information for this week. There’s lots to do and discuss. I hope you enjoy it. Remember to tune in tomorrow for Brain Gym with me and Miss Hammersley. Stay safe. Mrs R .

British Values – 20th April My journey Learning from Home Ideas – 20th April Holiday brochure plan Picture News Prompt 1 Picture News Paper – 20th April Picture News at Home – 20th April Picture News Prompt 2 Resource 1 – 20th April Resource 2 – 20th April

Week commencing 20th April
Here are some ideas for you to work on with your children at home. Please remember these are ideas and you don’t have to complete everything that is here.
You will need to print off the sheets or read from the screen and complete work in the exercise books you have been given.


Week One:

Year 4 Day 1 Year 4 Day 2 Year 4 Day 3 Year 4 Day 4 Year 4 Day 5


Click on Summer Term Week 1


Year 3 and 4 Topic Work 20th April

Religious Education:

13th April

Hi Everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying Easter with your family. Just attaching a new update from Emma- a new video for you to practise along to, containing Easter songs. Stay safe everyone. Lots of love Mrs R x

5th April

This week’s Picture News. Hope you enjoy. Stay safe. Mrs R x

Newsletter-29-mar-2020 British Values – 6th April Picture News Paper – 6th April Learning from Home Ideas – 6th April Picture News at Home – 6th April

4th April

Miss Hammersley has compiled her own version of the Gruffalo Rap. Click on the link below-sit back and listen…’re in for a treat.

3rd April

Hi everyone. Hoping that you are all okay, safe and well. The lovely Violin lady Emma has put several videos on Youtube for you to use, so that you can practise your instruments. You can only access them by using the links below. Please enjoy watching them and practise away!!!  Thank you Emma.  Mrs Robinson. x

Here are the links:

Introduction to online lessons:

Action song John Kanaka:
Sing and Play Twinkle Twinkle pizzicato and with bow:
Learn to play Airport!:


2nd April.

Sit back and relax and let us tell you a story. Listen to Mrs Deering and Miss Hammersley as they read you a story.

1st April.

Staff just wanted to send a quick update to all children and parents. We hope you are all keeping safe and well; we are missing each and every one of you! We hope you are having fun and completing the work set in your home learning files.

We are approaching the beginning of our Easter holidays. We will be updating work on the website and on Education City after the Easter holidays for children to complete.

Keep safe,

Love all from the Federation.


28th March Whenever I receive these I will add them: Picture News for 30th March to 5th April. Love Mrs R x British Values – 30th March Letter to a friend or relative plan Picture News at Home – 30th March Picture News Paper – 30th March

27th March

We have missed you all this week! Miss Hammersley had a mad idea we sing for you! She also put this altogether. We wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Love from all at the Federation.

26th March

Have a wonderful day at Chester zoo tomorrow from the comfort of your own home. Click on the below link and have a fantastic time.

David Walliams is reading a story each day at 11 am, you can follow him using the below link.


Hi everybody,

I hope you are all doing okay and looking after yourselves. Stay fit and well. You can work out each morning with Joe Wicks from 9:00 am to 9: 30. It’s tough but give it a go! Alternatively, you could do either of our brain gym dances to Shake it Off or Popcorn. Please use the work I have given you in the folders to keep you busy. I have also set up a few tasks on Education City. Remember not to work too hard- have fun. Laugh a lot and smile a lot. Finn- save up all your questions until we get back!!

Take care of yourselves, all of you.


Mrs R.