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Year 6

Friday 15th January 2021

Its a NNEEWWW topic in maths – decimal numbers.


(Here are the answers to yeasterday’s maths)

Reflections answers


Spellings – LIVE on teams…

Today you are looking at relative clauses.

Read pages p57-62 of Percy Jackson.

Writers add extra information about nouns through expanded noun phrases..

You are going to write detailed descriptions of some Greek creatures!

Greeks expanded noun phrases


Its Friday afternoon, so its time to wind down after a busy homelearning week.

Put your favourite music on, get something to eat and drink at the ready. Dig out your colours and get creating some beautiful art whilst your mind relaxes.

You could create your own art or use a colouring book of your own if you prefer.


you could finish off anything that isn’t completed from the week.

Remember, on Monday, all your tasks will be on SEESAW! Yay!

Mindfullness nature colouring



Thursday 14th January 2021

Here is the maths for today  – reflections. It s like a mirror image The image is reflected across the mirror line. Watch the AMMMAAAZZING video clip, then try the activities!



Work on the spellings first. Test time tomorrow!!!

Then its over to Percy Jackson – Read Chapter 3.

Then, we could say that this book is a ‘page-turner’. The way that it is written always makes you want to find out what happens next, and discover the ‘secrets’ that are hinted at throughout the book.

The opening pages of chapter 4 (p49)  hint that he is unsure.

Modal verbs help to show degrees of uncertainty.

There is a presentation to look at and an activity to revise them.

Y6 Modal verbs

modal verbs task

Music time!  So, how do we write down music? Its time to learn how we  can do this. When you come back, you can used tuned instruments to create your own music AND write it down.

Here is a link to the BBC BITESIZE  on notation.

Here is a rap on the music staff.

The lesson today will introduce you to the way that music is written down.

A stave consists of 5 lines and 4 spaces. They all represent a particular musical note. (pitch)

The lines stand for the notes EGBDF   I used to say, Every Good Boy Deserves Football

The spaces spell FACE

Here are your tasks…


Here is a link to a virtual piano that you can try out the notes. Experiment writing some notes on the manuscript paper below and see how it sounds.


Virtual Piano | The Best Online Piano Keyboard with Songs (

Music manuscript paper to try out writing a simple melody of your own.

Music-manuscript-paper (stave)


Wednesday 13th January 2021


Translations – this means moving shapes around on a grid. It is how many squares it moves horizontally and vertically. Watch this video to see what it is all about.

Sometimes you can cut a piece of paper and place it on the shape on the grid, then actually move it in the horizontal then vertical planes until it is in the finishing position.

Maths Activity:

y6 Translations


Answers to yesterdays maths…

4 quad answers

English :

Practice this week’s spellings

Then, its Percy Jackson chapter 2 time. The THREE OLD LADIES KNIT THE SOCKS OF DEATH.

Percy Jackson Chapter 2

Today, you can read this chapter.


We are looking at mountain ranges, and this mat has lots of knowledge for you to digest!


Geography – mountains lesson 1

you can read and use the information I have provided / and /or / use the internet to research.

mountains info and map work


Create a piece of work on Mountains of the world.   A ppt, poster full of information, a map. I look forward to seeing what you can tell me! – and what new knowledge you have learnt.

See you all on Thursday morning. Stay safe,

Mr Steane


Tuesday 12th January 2020


ANSWERS FOR MONDAYS MATHS WORK … you can check your own.

ANSWERS 1st ouadrant

Here is the maths for today.

Four quadrants, so there are negative numbers.


You are revising word classes and I have also put a reminders sheet in incase you have forgotten! Word classes means is it a verb, adverb etc….

Word Classes revision

Here are the answers for you to check your work on Pandora’s Box

answers to Pandora comprehension


Holy Work

RE BOOKS lesson 1


Monday 11th January 2020


Shape and space work – co-ordinates in the first quadrant. Watch the video…

Here is the Maths work for the day…




Here is the story of Pandora. Read the text and then answer the questions as carefully as you can. Look at how many marks are available as a clue to the amount of detail or points you have to make.

Pandora Comprehension Questions


Pandora Story Text

Spellings to work on 11.01.2021


Topic – Science work

The Moon research

We are exploring earth and space,

I would like you to research and complete a piece of work to explain why the moon appears to change shape in the sky, (Nothing to do with eating Jaffa Cakes) and the names for the different shapes. You can use art, written work, or even a power point to share your work. It would be great if you can email me some of your work.

I look forward to seeing what you discover.

Mr. Steane




Friday 8th January 2020

It was so good to see lots of you this morning! Welcome to the new teams members. I do miss us not all being together in class – I guess this is the next best thing!

Maths this morning is an end of unit check. It will help you to remember and remind you about all the work you’ve done so far.



I hope that you have all had a read of the first paragraph. Fantastic so far, isn’t it!

Here is the work on the first chapter. There are some questions for you to answer. They will also get you thinking about all the events in the first chapter as well.

Chapter 1 of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief questions


As we have some snow today, I thought it would be good to do some winter snowy landscapes. All you need is a pencil, pen and paper.

Here is the link to the tutorial. Watch it and have a go. Don’t think it is too hard!  You could use some of the ideas from the tutorial and some of your own ideas too. Please can I see some of your work later?

Enjoy your Friday.

Have a good and safe weekend.

Mr Steane



Thursday 7th January 2021    Today’s tasks for Y6

Good morning sixes!

Today’s  maths – finding a whole using fractions.

Watch the video – try the work in your books on p82-85 or use the link below to the pages:



English task

We are going to start our new text to work from. It is called Percy Parker and the lightning thief, by Rick Riordan. (2013) Its another great text. 

Remember the research on Greek Gods that you did on Monday? Well – it is related to this.

I will provide PDF’s of the text we are using, but if you can, you could order your own copy of the book, which will help you and you won’t have to download from here. They are available from Amazon. That was where I got mine from. 

Here is a PDF of the first Chapter. 

I would like you to read this chapter today. There will then be some tasks to do from tomorrow based on the first chapter.
Percy Jackson

The first chapter is also on Teams in the ‘Files’ section if you prefer.

Afternoon Session- Wellbeing and mindfulness

Now we are back inn lockdown, it s important to stay positive and care for those around us. Look at the posters from Picture News.



Here is a poster to look at.

Design your own poster showing the different ways we can still show that we care ‘from a distance’. Make them amazing, take pictures of them or scan them and email them to me so I can show / display them.






See you all on Friday Morning on TEAMS at 10.30am!

Mr Steane



Wednesday 6th January 2021       Todays Tasks for Y6


Fractions of amounts

Watch the video with the voiceover you all love, then have a go at the questions.  Use paper to work out answers and we can check them quickly tomorrow morning. (07.01.21)


(pages 78-81)


This week you are revising the subjunctive form. I always think of it as the Queen’s english!

Watch the Power point, try the practice and then have a go at the writing task. Perhaps I could hear some of them when we meet tomorrow.

y6 english 6.1.21

Subjunctive Powerpoint with audio

…and some Holy Work.

As we head towards Epiphany, think about the journey that the Magi made to see Jesus in Bethlehem.

Imagine you are one of the Magi. Balthazar, Melchior or Caspar. Write a diary page about meeting the newborn King. Explain your feelings and how the journey made you feel.

You can always send me an email of your work. I could display it in class and take a picture to put on here.

I look forward to seeing your work!

Mr Steane

5th January 2021 ~  Lockdown Learning…

Hello Year sixes! Well at least we got one day together before another lockdown. I will hopefully be seeing you all on Teams in the morning for our first proper day of remote learning. I know it is hard sometimes when you are at home, but all we wat you to do is try your best at the work we set. Hopefully, things will soon improve and we can all be back in school again.

In the meantime today, you can always log onto Century learning and try some of the tasks on your pathway, or Times Tables Rock stars. I can always see how you have done.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning.

Kindest regards,

Mr. Steane



14th July 

Today we say goodbye to our year 6 children. It’s not how we would normally say goodbye, but we wanted them to have a treat on their last day, so it was McDonalds for lunch. We are so proud of you all and will miss you. Good luck at your new school in September.


Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Hello class! It was great to see you all in school and catch up on how you have all been! I’m so proud of the way you have all helped each other and been so sensible in school in these strange times.

Take care and I will see you all next week.

Here is your maths this week…



Week beginning 29th June 

Hi Y6. I hear great things about what you have been up to in my absence! Here is the English and Maths for this week…


…and the maths for the week…



Miss you all and hope I see you all soon!

Mr Steane


Sorry Y6 – Here is my email in the correct format!   Hopefully see you all next week. Send any ideas for leavers please.

Week beginning 22nd June

Hi Y6!  Hopefully some sunny weather again this week so you can enjoy the great outdoors!

Here is the english for this week:


Here is the maths…



Miss you all lots! See you soon,

Mr Steane

Week beginning 15th June...

Hi Y6. Hope you are ok this week. I really need your ideas for a leavers’ assembly video. I quite liked the Virgin advert where they use Starship’s ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’. Just a thought! My email

Here is the maths for this week…

week 9 maths Y6



Ryan has been thinking about the #blacklivesmatter issue and completed this piece of work on the subject. A clear message Ryan. 

Charlie has been testing out his technical abilities with his latest project – a robotic arm! Amazing Charlie!!!! Unfortunately the video won’t load onto the website.




Week beginning 8th June…

Good morning my Y6’s  – I miss you all and hope that you and your families are all keeping well.

Here is a little hello from me. Get those thinking caps on – what can we do for a leavers’ assembly? Work hard if you are in school this week. I will put the rest of your work on later in the week with some videos, too. (Elliot did the filming, by the way.)

Remember that you can email me any work / ideas for what we can do at :

This week’s maths work. (If you are in school, Mrs. R will be covering day 1 and 2)

Y6-Week-8-maths worksheets

Y6-Week-8-maths answers

This week’s english work…


Enjoy the work and take care,

Mr Steane


Bobby’s Lava Lamp experiment and Rappin’ Ryan…

Always a treat to see what you are up to in lockdown!

Ryan produced a rap including his mum as part of this week’s online work. Always great to see your work Ryan and get your thinking cap on for the leavers’ assembly!


Bobby made a lava lamp as part of his work on different densities of liquids.

Watch the video clip below. How did he do that?  Can you explain how?






The final half-term for my 6’s ….leavers preparations…Work for week beg. 1st June 

Hi everyone! I do miss you all. Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying this wonderful sunshine. I don’t know how long it is going to stay with us, so make the best of it.


And now a musical interlude by Millie in D… Sonatina number 4,  by Thomas Attwood.


I love it Millie! More please!!


And now, Ruby’s advice on staying safe!

“Saving Water.
97.5% of water is in seas and oceans, but it’s too salty for humans.
The remaining 2.5% is in the ice caps. We need the tiny bit useable as fresh water (a natural resource for life).
What Should We Do?
Turn off taps; when you brush your teeth, dont keep the tap running!
Boil what you need;
Shower with less; next time you shower turn the water off while you put washing products on.
Get a low-flush toilet;
Steam your veggies;
Reduce food waste and reuse;
Catch rain water;
No more washing up; fill up your dishwasher.
Be plumbing prepared!”

Thanks Ruby! Keep the pics of what you do coming! Stay safe and hope to see you soon!    Mr Steane


Charlie attempts to fly…

Charlie has been busy inventing and making at home. Not cute animals this time, but testing a flugtag!

Following on from the homework set about a flugtag, Charlie decided to try making his own.
It didn’t make him fly like he first thought it would but he had great fun making and trialling it. Excellent work Charlie! Can’t wait to see what is next!  Mr Steane

Video Game Review


29th April  ….Millie Gets Creative

It is great to see that Millie is keeping her creative talents going at home! She has been giving piano lessons to her gran and they hope to duet soon!  I miss Millie’s lunchtime renditions at the piano – “music to eat food by”.

She has also been working on her artistic skills with this fabulous piece. Keep it up Millie ~ I want to see more and I await Ruby’s creations!

Mr. Steane


Hello class 4’s! Miss you all. Here are the picture news activities for this week. Have a look at them – its about gaming so it will interest you all. I haven’t had any emails yet about what you have been doing at home. I’d love to see some. Stay safe in the lockdown.

Mr Steane

Week Commencing 27th April
Below are Maths, Literacy and Topic work for this week. If you can’t print off or work from it from a computer, please contact school. We can print packs off and these will be available to pick up from St Margaret’s Reception area on Wednesday.
Please send any messages you have or pictures of what you have been doing to the staff e-mails. These can be found on this page.
I hope you are all well. Keep safe.
G Beaumont

Literacy Picture News Paper – 27th April




Year 5 and 6 Topic Work

Hello Y5 and 6,

It seems so long ago that we were last in the classroom. Miss you all. I hope that you are all staying safe and enjoying the wonderful weather we are having. Y6, don’t wear out your leavers’ hoodies just yet – we may get the chance to be back in before summer!

I’m sure the mice are partying whilst we are away.

I’ve set work on Education City every week for you to do – please have a go at the activities (when the website isn’t crashing) and I can see how you are doing, and also work through the folders as well as the links on the website to keep your mind active.

If you have any pics for me to see what you are up to, email them to me and I can get them on here. Millie and Ruby, I haven’t forgotten the promise of food and Harry, I can’t wait to get the garden back in order. I have a solar water feature for it.

Maybe some spring artwork? Tips on keeping happy and healthy in lockdown? Any of you gardening? Playing instruments?

Maybe we could have a virtual pupil of the week award if you send me enough pics of what you are getting up to so I can choose someone each week.

Finally, lets hope to meet up and be back in school soon, but in the meantime, work when you can, enjoy your families and stay safe.

Mr. Steane

Fun places to visit online

I have had information from Jodrell Bank to say that they have lots of fun things to do at home available on their website, from stargazing to home projects about space, there’s lots to investigate and learn.  Visit their website

There is also a website that is run by the Premier League that has many different challenges and competitions.  They have English and maths activities to do at home, but also things to help you stay active. It looks quite fun so go and  take a look at their website:,14BDI,52XN45,3XRDI,1

Contacts at school

It would be lovely to see what you are getting up to whilst at home. If you would like to share anything with our school community on the website, Twitter or Facebook , please email class teachers with pictures. The contact details for teachers are as follows:
Miss Bamford (All Reception/Y1 children)-
Mrs Deering (All Y2/3 children)-
Mrs Robinson-
Mr Steane-
Mrs Beaumont-

Week commencing 20th April
Here are some ideas for you to work on with your children at home. Please remember these are ideas and you don’t have to complete everything that is here.
You will need to print off the sheets or read from the screen and complete work in the exercise books you have been given.




Click on Summer Term Week 1


Year 5 and 6 Topic Work 20th April

Religious Education:

13th April

Hi Everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying Easter with your family. Just attaching a new update from Emma- a new video for you to practise along to, containing Easter songs. Stay safe everyone. Lots of love Mrs R x

4th April

Miss Hammersley has compiled her own version of the Gruffalo Rap. Click on the link below-sit back and listen…’re in for a treat.

3rd April

Hi everyone. Hoping that you are all okay, safe and well. A quick message for the year 5 children in Mr Steane’s class- The lovely Violin lady Emma has put several videos on Youtube for you to use, so that you can practise your instruments. You can only access them by using the links below. Please enjoy watching them and practise away!!!  Thank you Emma.  Mrs Robinson. x

Here are the links:

Introduction to online lessons:

Action song John Kanaka:
Sing and Play Twinkle Twinkle pizzicato and with bow:
Learn to play Airport!:



2nd April.

Sit back and relax and let us tell you a story. Listen to Mrs Deering and Miss Hammersley as they read you a story.

1st April.

Staff just wanted to send a quick update to all children and parents. We hope you are all keeping safe and well; we are missing each and every one of you! We hope you are having fun and completing the work set in your home learning files.

We are approaching the beginning of our Easter holidays. We will be updating work on the website and on Education City after the Easter holidays for children to complete.

Keep safe,

Love all from the Federation.


27th March

We have missed you all this week! Miss Hammersley had a mad idea we sing for you! She also put this altogether. We wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Love from all at the Federation.

26th March

Take a visit to Chester zoo tomorrow from the comfort of your own home. Click on the below link and have a fantastic time.

David Walliams is reading a story every day at 11am you can follow him using the below link.