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The Federation of All Saints and
St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Year 1

Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Here is the work for the week leading up to half term. I will not be setting any work over the half term; so please spend time with your family and enjoy their company. All staff from the Federation are hoping you and your families are keeping safe and well, and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Please keep sending lots of super home learning photos over using the email addresses below.

Keep safe and keep smiling,

Miss Bamford


Maths Powerpoints

Lesson-1-Compare length and height

Lesson 2- Measure length

Lesson 3- Measure length 2

Lesson 4- Weight and mass

Topic learning 18.5.20

Monday 11th May

Hi everyone!  Sadly the link to the maths below will not work anymore, so I have uploaded the worksheets for you.  You can access them here:

Lesson 4 Compare number sentences 2019

Lesson 3 Subtraction – crossing 10 (2) 2019

Lesson 2 Subtraction – crossing 10 (1) 2019

Lesson 1 Add by making 10 2019

You can still watch the videos on the White Rose Website.

Any questions, just let us know.

Mrs Deering

Week Commencing 11th May

Below are this weeks Maths and Literacy work for this week. As before, if you cannot print off the work at home or complete this on a computer, please contact the school or email myself. We will print off the packs and leave them in St Margaret’s Reception area.

Please feel free to email me photos of your home learning. The ones I have received so far have been lovely to see and show you are having fun completing your home learning challenges.

We really hope you are keeping safe and well and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend,

Miss Bamford

Literacy Year 1

Maths Year 1

Topic learning 11.5.20


Week Commencing 4th May

Below are this weeks Maths and Literacy work for this week.  As before, if you cannot print off the work at home or complete the work on a computer, please contact the school.  We will print of the packs and leave them in Saint Margaret’s Reception area.

We would also really like to see any work or projects you have completed, so you can send photos or a message to your teacher’s email.  The addresses can be found below.

Take care and we hope to see you all again soon.

Mrs Deering

Literacy Year 1

Maths Year 1

Here are some topic ideas for you to complete at home based on ‘Spring’. Have fun completing them and as above, send lots of photos to my email so I can add them to the website. Keep safe and keep smiling.

Miss Bamford

Topic learning 4.5.20

Week Commencing 27th April
Below are Maths, Literacy and Topic work for this week. If you can’t print off or work from it from a computer, please contact school. We can print packs off and these will be available to pick up from St Margaret’s Reception area on Wednesday.
Please send any messages you have or pictures of what you have been doing to the staff e-mails. These can be found on this page.
I hope you are all well. Keep safe.
G Beaumont




Maths_Y1_Week_4Year 3 and 4


Year 1 and 2 Topic Work


Lissy and Matty have been busy creating some ‘Spot the Difference’ pictures.

Can you spot the differences?

Thank you for the wonderful work, please make sure to send me pictures of your home learning using the email address below.

Fun places to visit online

I have had information from Jodrell Bank to say that they have lots of fun things to do at home available on their website, from stargazing to home projects about space, there’s lots to investigate and learn.  Visit their website

There is also a website that is run by the Premier League that has many different challenges and competitions.  They have English and maths activities to do at home, but also things to help you stay active. It looks quite fun so go and  take a look at their website:,14BDI,52XN45,3XRDI,1

Contacts at school

It would be lovely to see what you are getting up to whilst at home. If you would like to share anything with our school community on the website, Twitter or Facebook , please email class teachers with pictures. The contact details for teachers are as follows:
Miss Bamford (All Reception/Y1 children)-
Mrs Deering (All Y2/3 children)-
Mrs Robinson-
Mr Steane-
Mrs Beaumont-


Week commencing 20th April

Here are some ideas for you to work on with your children at home. Please remember these are ideas and you don’t have to complete everything that is here.
You will need to print off the sheets or read from the screen and complete work in the exercise books you have been given.


Y1 Day 1          Y1 Day 2            Y1 Day 3          Y1 Day 4           Y1 Day 5


Please click on week 1 on link.


Y1 and Y2 Topic Work 20th April

Religious Education:

4th April

Miss Hammersley has compiled her own version of the Gruffalo Rap. Click on the link below-sit back and listen…’re in for a treat.


2nd April.

Sit back and relax and let us tell you a story. Listen to Mrs Deering and Miss Hammersley as they read you a story.

1st April.

Staff just wanted to send a quick update to all children and parents. We hope you are all keeping safe and well; we are missing each and every one of you! We hope you are having fun and completing the work set in your home learning files.

We are approaching the beginning of our Easter holidays. We will be updating work on the website and on Education City after the Easter holidays for children to complete.

Keep safe,

Love all from the Federation.


27th March

We have missed you all this week! Miss Hammersley had a mad idea we sing for you! She also put this altogether. We wish you all a safe and happy weekend. Love from all at the Federation.

26th March

Spend the day tomorrow at Chester Zoo, from the comfort of your own home. Click on the below link and have a fabulous day.

Just wanted to send everyone a quick message to say please use the resources below. They are fab! I hope you are all keeping safe, healthy and well. I am missing seeing your smiling faces each day.

If you have not yet heard, Joe Wicks does a fabulous PE session each morning on YouTube from 9:00-9:30 am. Parents, join in too! If you fancy something different, the children are familiar with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

I have also added some challenges for Reception and Year 1 on Education City.

Join David Walliams at 11 am each day for a story using the below link.

The below link takes you to a phonics lesson by Ruth Misken.