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Our latest school news

11th April, 2019

The end of our Lent term is nearly here, tomorrow the children will be taking part in various Easter themed activities during the day. We hope that you all have a lovely Easter break.


As mentioned in a recent newsletter Head Lice is still an issue in school. We asked that you check your child’s hair after school on the 12th April and if you find anything it can be treated and checked that they have gone before returning to school.  Your child should come home with a leaflet on Friday but below are some useful links for you –

2nd April, 2019

There was an article on the BBC news this morning regarding air pollution outside schools, where cars are left with the engine running.  We have received complaints that this is happening outside All Saints.  As you are aware we have asked frequently for vehicles not to park outside school, however if you do need to park outside please could you ensure that you switch your engine off.

29th March, 2019

Great news following our recent Diocesan Canonical Inspection on the 5th March, we have now received the full report and our pleased to report that we have been graded GOOD. A copy of the full report can be found on the website.  Thank you to the whole school community for all the work you did..

All classes have spent a day at Whitehall this week, and what good weather they have had.  Lots of photos on the class blogs.

14th March, 2019

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parents Evenings this week.

If you would like your child to join the French Club which is held at All Saints site on Wednesdays between 3.30 – 4.30 pm,  click on the link below –…/french-classes-high-peak-tam…/

The ‘Friends of All Saints and St. Margaret’s’ have sent out information regarding an app that parents can use and it raises funds for the school – see below –

26th February, 2019

Welcome back we hope you all had a good break, it was nice to see the children back in school this morning.

A newsletter has gone out today, but in addition we thought the below might be useful to you as we are aware there has become concern over a site called ‘the momo challenge’  the below link will give you a 3 minute briefing on it.

Please be aware of the following –

YouTube requires account holders to be 18, but a 13-year-old can sign up with a parent’s permission. 


As of May 2018, WhatsApp’s minimum age of use is 16 years old if you live in the European Union, or a country that has adopted the GDPR, as the UK has. It was previously 13. 

Keep a look out on here for updates.

5th February, 2019

Today is safer Internet day. We are aware that a lot of children use various sites so we thought we would put some information on to assist you. Please be aware of the various age limits for these sites. Also there is some great advice for parents and various age groups on the UK safety Internet organisation website. Stay safe.


SID2019 Quiz







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Saturday 5.00pm– St. Margaret’s

Saturday 6.00pm– All Saints

Sunday 9.30am– St Mary’s

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Egg hunt time for Classes 2 and 4

It was the turn of Class 2 and 4 to go on an Easter hunt. Lots of eggs were hidden on the field and they had a great time looking for them. They were so good they didn’t leave any for the teachers either!!

Could these be a winning hat

Here are the Easter hats made by some of Class 2. Wow they look really good, is there a winner here?


Class 2 spent the afternoon in Manor Park taking part in a Mapquest competition with other local schools in the area.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and once the competition had ended the children were rewarded with ice pops.

The children from all the schools were split into small teams, and we are extremely proud that one of our teams came third.

Well done to all the children and also thank you to the staff and parents that went with the children to help out.

Chaplaincy team surprise

Our Chaplaincy team leader surprised the Chaplaincy team this lunchtime with Easter Eggs for all their hard work.  Thank you Mrs King for everything you do.

What are Class 2 wearing?

Class 2 came to school today in their pyjamas, they looked fabulous.  Looks like they had a nap at lunchtime as well!! Looking good Class 2.


The wheel moves on

The St. Ralph Sherwin wheel was taken by pupils from St. Margaret’s to its next school which is St. Mary’s in Glossop. There was a lovely assembly which our pupils enjoyed.

Easter Garden

Our Easter garden has been set up in Reception and looks amazing, thank you to Mrs Hill, one of our volunteers, for setting it all up.  The children in Class 3 will be making their own gardens next week.

And even more!!

More from Class 2 at Whitehall

Class 2 visit Whitehall

Class 2 visited Whitehall for the day today.  They had brilliant weather and had a go on the zip wire, obstacle course and leap of faith amongst other activities.  They had a fantastic time.