On Thursday 15th June, Year 6 went to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to deliver 54 bags of sweets and £115.00 donation to the charity office.

Phillipa Boyd, the charity officer, presented Year 6 with a cheque and gave them a quick tour around parts of the hospital.  Due to the severity of some of the injuries, Year 6 children were unable to visit the wards; but Phillipa informed them that her first job would be to deliver the sweets to the children.

On the way back from Manchester, Year 6 went to McDonalds and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  Phillipa had shown them the Ronald McDonald hotel-opposite the Children’s Hospital-where parents stay if their children are on the ward, long term.  The hotels are funded by the money raised inside the charity boxes, in all McDonalds outlets.  Next time you visit McDonalds, look out for the boxes and pop your change inside!

Thank you to all the children who donated-your kindness will bring a lot of happiness to a lot of poorly children.  Finally thank you to Mrs Boyd for sending Year 6 ‘chocolate bees’ in recognition of their kindness.