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Class 3 - Mrs Robinson

More from the 1920’s

The children have enjoyed themselves today in the 1920’s classroom.

Welcome to the 1920’s

Class 3 are experiencing a 1920’s classroom this morning.

Notte and Bailey Castles.

Class 3 have been learning about the Norman’s. As an end if term challenge, they were asked to make a Notte and Bailey castle. There were 11 fantastic entries. Mrs Robinson would like to thank all the children for making such a huge effort: there were castles made from cardboard, wood, virtual reality and even cake!! Unfortunately there could only be three winners. It was very difficult choosing them – but they enjoyed receiving their prices. Well done everyone.

Police visit

  • Class 3 had a visit from Lee and Kyle from Glossop Police to discuss Internet Safety. We learned lots of things. Lee said class 3 is the best behaved class he has ever visited!

Easter Garden

Mrs Hill visited school today. She has made a beautiful Easter Garden. Class 3 bought her a card, flowers and Easter Egg to keep in their RE theme of Giving and to say thank you.

Day of reflection

Today we reflected, prayed and looked to the future with hope. The children joined NDCYS team on-line for a minutes silence. They wrote prayers and tied ribbons to remember someone lost or to thank a hero.

Our winner

A pupil from Class 3 is the KS2 winner of the Masked Reader competition. He  guessed all of the 12 teachers’ voices correctly. Congratulations.

Mothers day cards

Class 3 have made some beautiful Mother’s day cards. Well done everyone.

Maths challenge

The children from Class 3 took part in The Primary Mathematics Challenge and all achieved Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards. Well done everyone.

Feast day of St. Margaret’s

Today is the Feast Day of St. Margaret’s and Father Don held a virtual Mass with us. It was lovely to see him and celebrate with him