The Federation of All Saints and St. Margaret's Catholic Voluntary Academy

The Federation of All Saints and
St Margaret’s Catholic Primary Schools

Class 2 - Mrs Deering (St. Margaret's)

The Beach Party!!!


We have been investigating volcanoes and what happens when they erupt. We looked at the earth’s structure and how pressure builds up before an eruption.  In 2010 the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in Iceland, we read some personal accounts of what the islanders experienced and prepared our own survival guide.


As part of our topic on Castleton we have been learning about industries from the past. In Castleton there was a lead mine and cotton mills, we have been finding out what it was like to work as a child in a mill or a mine.
We have read the Horrible Histories story of children working in a mine.  We were excited to join in with an on-line art workshop with the illustrator of Horrid Histories, Martin Brown.

He showed us how to think of the position of facial features and how to draw in his style.

Do you like our drawings of King Henry!

Day of reflection

Today we reflected, prayed and looked to the future with hope. The children joined NDCYS team on-line for a minutes silence. They wrote prayers and tied ribbons to remember someone lost or to thank a hero.

Feast day of St. Margaret’s

Today is the Feast Day of St. Margaret’s and Father Don held a virtual Mass with us. It was lovely to see him and celebrate with him