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Year 4 - Mrs Noakes

A fantastic day of music, rhythm and beat

Literacy unit in Year 4 with the aim of writing an information text about drums of all types. What a marvellous excuse to have a drum workshop. We had a great day – my son , whose school was closed that day, came in and shared his drumming skills. Then the ukulele tutor arrived with his violin and gave us an impromptu concert, which resulted in impromptu dancing! In the afternoon, when Year 3 joined us, one pupil’s grandparents arrived with a didgeridoo and various instruments from their travels. A fantastic day of music, rhythm and beat – the children claimed they had done no work!!

Light and Shadows

At last the sun put in an appearance on Friday. As we have Light and Shadows as our topic in Year 3 & 4 the dreary overcast skies of January have been a nuisance. We were outside like a shot and had great fun changing the shape and size of our shadows and working in pairs to draw around the shadows of our working partners.

Austrian Christmas

Year 3 and 4 went to Austria for the day today. The day included a visit from St. Nicholas and his elf. An outdoor nativity by year 3 including a donkey. Krampus visited and told the children his story. We

then had an Austrian meal in a local Inn.  The children finished off the day with a snowball fight.  Lots more pictures to follow but here is a sample of the day.














Year 3/Year 4 Advent calendar

Advent Privilege was “to choose the accessories that Mrs Noakes should wear today”. I was expecting perhaps a daft hat, some wild ear rings, a crazy scarf. I think the phrase “stitched up like a kipper” comes to mind! The children are saying that the Disco tonight is still “today” and I should wear the same tonight!

Year 3/Year 4 Advent calendar

Today’s Advent privileges and treats included One child being allowed Mrs McGrath’s special seat for the day, Another class member winning juice and biscuits for the whole class during a lesson, and another decorating the windows with his snowflakes.

Year 3/Year 4 Advent calendar

So here is the first recipient of the Year 3/Year 4 Advent calendar: every envelope contains chocolate coins, a card, a joke and a treat/privilege of some kind for each child. Today’s treat was to wear a onesie to school for the day, and Chewbacca joined us for lessons yesterday.

Treats opened and yet to come include: wearing a ridiculous hat all day on Monday, organising a class “Mannequin Challenge”, which we will film, to make paper snowflakes to cover our windows, have your teddy bear for company all day and choose any subject for a lesson next week but then to teach it yourself.
I can hardly wait for the rest of the envelopes to be opened!!!!! 31 children and only 12 school days left mean we are opening several envelopes a day.