We went to Tatton Park yesterday to learn more about the Stone Age, which is our topic this term. We arrived in lovely sunshine and had a walk down to the farm area.


We learnt about the tools that we would have used in the Stone age, that are now things like knives and hoe’s, and we all had a go at polishing a piece of flint.  The staff were very impressed with our knowledge of the Stone Age when they asked us questions.

We then walked past the deer and pigs up to the woodland.

We split into two groups and one group went and had a look at how people in the Stone age made fire using a fire bow, we all had a go and Mrs Deering made fire and lit the hay and the other group went gathering for food, then looked at the instruments we would have used to dig and plant seeds, such as antlers and shoulder bones, and we then had a go at grinding seeds to make flour.

We then had lunch and after we had a go at the activity we didn’t do in the morning.

After this we went and fed the chickens and went to see the pigs in the piggery.  Then it was time to head home from a wonderful experience.